Sleep Safe - Guard against CSFR, XSS, and other web attacks

Unobtrusively guards your BedSheet web app against CSFR, XSS, and other attacks, letting you Sleep Safe at night!

Pillow - Map URLs to efanXtra Components & Pages

A BedSheet framework that maps HTTP requests to Pillow pages (efanXtra Components).

Duvet - HTML Injection and Javascript Delivery

A BedSheet library that delivers Javascript to the browser via RequireJS. Provides an easy means to run Fantom code in a browser.

Cold Feet - Browser Asset Caching Strategy

Transforms asset URLs using a content hash, allowing browsers to cache assets... hard!

Form Bean - Render Fantom Objects as HTML Forms

Render Fantom objects as HTML forms, validate submitted values, and reconstitute them back into Fantom objects.

  • HTML5 client and server side validation
  • Customise HTML generation with skins
  • Customise messages

Json - Fantom to JSON object mapping

Convert your entity / domain objects to JSON and back again. A must for any serious REST API!

WebSockets - HTML5 WebSockets

A pure Fantom implementation of the W3C WebSocket API for use by clients and servers.

Butter - Make Customisable HTTP Requests

A replacement for Fantom's WebClient that provides an extensible chain of middleware for making HTTP requests and processing responses.

Web Libraries - Extra

Sizzle - Query XML documents with CSS

A library for querying XML documents by means of CSS 2.1 selectors.

Atom - Create Atom (RSS) Feed Documents

An implementation of the Atom Syndication Format. Use to create RSS feeds for your Bed Apps.

Sitemap - Create sitemap.xml Documents

A small library that creates an XML sitemap for Bed Apps.

Google Analytics - A Google Analytics efanXtra Component

A simple efanXtra component for rendering Google's Universal Analytics script.

HTML Parser - Parse HTML5 documents into XML

Html Parser because only Chuck Norris can parse HTML with regular expressions!

BedSheet Moustache - Use Moustache Templates in Bed Apps

Provides an IoC cache for compiled Moustache templates and detailed compilation errors.

BedSheet Draft - Integrate Draft Routing in Bed Apps

Integrates the Routing and Flash components from the Draft framework.