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Get Chunky

'A screenshot of 'Get Chunky' demo

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Download demo:
Equinox-GetChunky.adf.gz (45.91 kB)

Download source:
Equinox-GetChunky_src.adf.gz (203.52 kB)

GetChunky is a demo in the making. Even though it's not complete I've placed it here because it still contains some cool routines.

On the Amiga there is a chip called the Copper which, amongst other things, can change the value of a colour at any given point on the screen. Whilst this feature is used a lot in most demos, one day I suddenly realised that the copper is actually under utilised! Hey, if you're going to give the Copper your DMA cycles, you may as well use them! So now it's time to put your Copper into overdrive!...

There ain't no bitplanes in this demo! Well OK, not very many then!

GetChunky also contains a preview of the AstroDodge game, press the fire button on your FunStick at any time to jump straight to it.


'A screenshot of 'Llamasoft' demo

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Download games:
Equinox-LlamaSoft.adf.gz (484.46 kB)

Llamasoft (AKA Jeff Minter) brings you not one, not two, but three epic games. We are talking Llamatron, Defender II and Attack of the Mutant Camels!

"Err, that's Great! But what's it got to do with Equinox?"

Not much, except that I cobbled all three games onto one disk and produced the game selection menu (depicted above). You can change the effects of the 3D Starfield by waggling your FunStick.

Nuff said!