Mongo - A pure Fantom driver for MongoDB

Mongo is a pure Fantom driver for MongoDB - the next-generation, document-oriented, no-sql database.

  • Written for MongoDB 2.6 / 3.0 and newer
  • Aggregation and Map Reduce commands
  • Database authentication
  • Pooled connection manager
  • Replica Set connection URLs

Morphia - Fantom to MongoDB object mapping

Morphia wraps the Mongo library to map Fantom objects to and from MongoDB documents.

  • Nested Fantom objects
  • Extensive support for Fantom literals and core objects
  • Custom mapping
  • Query Builder API

Bson - BSON

None of the above Mongo libraries would be possible without an implementation of BSON - the specification for Binary JSON.

To connect to plain SQL databases, try Fantom's core sql library.