IoC - Powerful Dependency Injection

A modular Dependency Injection / Inversion Of Control framework that binds your application together.

  • Ctor injection
  • Field injection
  • Non-intrusive factory functions
  • Distributed service configuration
  • Lazy services
  • Simple AOP implementation

IoC Config - Injectable Config Values

Provides injectable config values. Config values are essentially constants, but their value may be overridden on IoC registry startup.

Great for providing overriddable default values.

IoC Env - Prod, Test, or Dev?

Determines the application's environment, be it development, test or production.

Concurrent - Concurrent Utils

Builds upon the standard Fantom concurrent library and provides a collection of utility classes for sharing data between threads.

Bean Utils - Data Object Utils

A collection of utilities and software patterns for overcoming common issues associated with data objects:

  • Generate equals(), hash() and toStr() methods
  • Get and set object properties via property expressions
  • Convert objects, lists and maps from one type to another

Reflux - Framework for Desktop Apps

Modelled after an internet browser, Reflux lets you explore and edit resources via URIs.

  • IoC Container
  • Eventing mechanism
  • New FWT widgets
  • Context sensitive commands

Fancom - Fantom / COM Automation Bridge

A wrapper around JACOB that allows you to call MS COM Automation components from Java.

Pegger - Parsing Expression Grammar

Create text parsers by building a tree of simple matching rules.

Plastic - Generate & Compile Fantom Code

Plastic is the cornerstone of IoC proxied services and Embedded Fantom (efan) templates.


Parrot Drone SDK 2 - Parrot SDK 2.0

An SDK for remotely piloting the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 quadcopter.

ANSI Terminal - ANSI Terminal

An FWT widget that prints ANSI escape sequences.

Gamepad - Gamepad

Use XBox & Playstation controllers in Fantom!

Fancom SAPI - Microsoft Speech API

Fancom Classes for Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 5.4. For JVM use only.

FantomMappy - Mappy Playback Library

A playback library for rectangular, hexagonal and isometric tile maps created with Mappy.

Micromod - Music player for MOD, S3M, and XM files

A wrapper around Micromod this is a (Java only) music player for MOD, S3M, and XM files.