What is StrutsGUI?

StrutsGUI v3 comprises of custom made Visio stencil shapes and an integrated COM Add-In. Together they extend the functionality of Visio, allowing you to create complex workflow diagrams and generate Apache Struts config XML files.

Do I need Microsoft Visio to use StrutsGUI?


StrutsGUI essentially leverages Visio's Front-End capabilities to its own means. You can not use StrutsGUI without a valid installation of Microsoft Visio.

Which version of Microsoft Visio is StrutsGUI compatible with?

StrutsGUI v3.x is compatible Visio 2002 or later.

StrutsGUI v2.x is compatible Visio 2000 or later.

The distinction is drawn due to the technology bases of the 2 products. Visio 2000 does not support COM Add-Ins and hence can not be used with StrutsGUI v3.

Which version of Apache Struts does StrutsGUI support?

StrutsGUI v3.x supports both Struts v1.2.x, Struts v1.1 and Struts v1.02.

StrutsGUI v2.x supports just Struts v1.02.

Is StrutsGUI Free?

Yes! Both StrutsGUI v3 and StrutsGUI v2 are now FREE!