Equinox (1994 - 1998) :: Amiga Demo Group

When I was just a wee little lad I was the Assembler coder for an Amiga demo group called Equinox. Equinox produced a couple of demos, a couple of intros, the odd game and a few other bits and pieces. You can download all these over the next few pages. And as and when I find the source code, I'll let you download that too!

So who were Equinox?

Equinox were a bunch of lads who produced programs on the Commodore Amiga. We did it just for fun, and to prove that we were better than anyone else out there. (Err, yeah, right!) The main members of Equinox were:

Slimer [ Steve Eynon ]  :  Coding
Lazer [ Dave Carboni ]  :  Graphix
Slammer [ Geoffrey Lee ]  :  Music

What am I downloading and how do I use them?

The ".adf.gz" files you download represent floppy disks that were used by the original Amiga. You will need an Amiga emulator to use them. I recommend using WinUAE which is free to download and use.

Wicked, do I need anything else?

Because WinUAE emulates the Amiga hardware you will need a copy of the Amiga's KickStart ROM to use it. Copyright laws state that you have to actually own an Amiga to lawfully own a copy of the KickStart ROM, so you have to manually port the ROM over from the Amiga to the PC yourself. But if like me, you can't be arsed to drive 300 miles to your parents house to dig your dusty old Amiga out from the attic, praying it still works, just to obtain a couple of bytes of ROM, you can buy it from Amiga Forever.

Now you have everything you need, let us commence...