efan - Embedded Fantom - efan

Embed snippets of Fantom code inside text templates, just like EJS for Javascript, ERB for Ruby, and JSP for Java.

efanXtra - Create reusable efan components

Pair up Fantom classes and efan templates to create reusable components. Similar to components in Angular 2.0, Tapestry 5, and tag libraries in Java.

  • Powerful templating
  • Uses IoC
  • Component nesting
  • Lifecycle methods

Slim - Lightweight templating for HTML

Easy HTML templating inspired by Jade for Javascript, and Slim for Ruby.

  • Indentation driven - closing tags not needed
  • CSS shortcut notation for #id and .class attributes
  • ${...} notation to interpolate Fantom code
  • Works seamlessly with efanXtra!

Markdown Parser - Read Markdown

Parses Markdown text into Fandoc objects.

HTML Parser - Read HTML

Because only Chuck Norris can parse HTML with regular expressions!

A valiant effort to parse valid HTML5 documents into XML as defined by W3C HTML Syntax.