JavaMappy is featured, mentioned and used on several places on the web. A few of them are listed below:


Book Cover

Killer Game Programming in Java

Andrew Davidson (O'Reilly - May, 2005)

This practical book is a must-have for anyone who wants to create adrenaline-fueled games in Java. It clearly details the better-known 2D APIs, 3D sprites, animated 3D sprites, first-person shooter programming, sound, fractals, and networked games.


Game Cover

Cows & Aliens

Fudeco Mobile Games

Cows & Aliens is an arcade game for Nokia mobile phones where you fly an alien spaceship around planet earth, evading capture from humans and beaming up cows for fuel!

Game Cover

Project Alpha


Project Alpha is a sidescrolling platformer/shooter similar to the original Mega Man and Metroid games, but with puzzle elements.

Game Cover



This horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up is the reason why JavaMappy was created in the first place!

Game Cover

Platform One

Robin Burrows

From the maker of Mappy itself comes a platform game in the mould of Jet Set Willy. If you look closely enough on the high score table, you might just see my name!