Create and manage visual models of web application workflows using Microsoft® Visio®, a powerful Add-In and a collection of Apache Struts stencil shapes.

StrutsGUI is a utility that extends the functionality of Microsoft® Visio® allowing you to create visual workflow diagrams of an Apache Struts based web applications. StrutsGUI diagrams help you flesh out your detailed design and enhance your documentation. They become the focus point of your development team, ease project hand-overs and simplify application maintenance.

And for all you developers, with just a single mouse click, StrutsGUI automatically generates your Struts config XML files!

Am I talking rubbish? Probably. But as a project manager / Java web developer, can you afford not to listen? Probably not - so read on...


Struts Config XML Generation
No more maintenance issues
Detailed Diagram Warnings
Track down diagram inconsistencies
Reverse Engineering Wizard
Convert existing Struts XML files into StrutsGUI diagrams
Example Workflow Diagrams
Essential quick start guides
Upgrade Diagram Wizard
Reuse diagrams from older versions of StrutsGUI
Integrated HTML Help
Gain instant help on any StrutsGUI shape


StrutsGUI Screenshot

For a simple authentication example, your StrutsGUI workflow diagram may look like this. (Screenshot taken from Visio).

(Click to view full size)


From this diagram, StrutsGUI automatically generates the struts-config.xml file. The sample XML generated from the above workflow is given below.

(Click to view XML)

The above example, and a workflow for the Struts Mail Reader Demo are both available in the standard StrutsGUI install.