A horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up.

Many years ago, after becoming tired of designing n-tier enterprise architectures and developing server side EJBs, JSPs, Servlets, etc. I thought I'd try my hand at something a little different...

And so was born Gundam v1 - The world's first full screen horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up written in pure java.

Enter the Fantom

More recently, I discovered the Fantom programming language, a niffty pragmatic language which boasts the ability to run on Java and .NET platforms and JavaScript! (Meaning true multi-platform on Windows, OSX and Linux.) Sounding too good to be true, I set about re-writing Gundam in Fantom.

And so was born Gundam v2.

But what is Gundam?

Gundam was originally a Japanese cartoon series about giant mechanoid robots fighting in space! Cool huh!? And I honestly know nothing more than that! Oh that and me mate bought me a cool Mobile Suit Gundam DeathScythe action figure for Christmas!

I called the game 'Gundam' after the main character sprite, just because I thought it sounded cool! I didn't know it had such a huge following as it does! Check out the Gundam Offical site for more details.


Gundam is a proof of concept, not a full blown commercial arcade game. So there's only one level and no in-game sound effects.

Due to heavy use of advanced scripting technology do not attempt to play 'Gundam Online' with Internet Explorer! If you do, your computer's core will meltdown and the Internet will explode before your very eyes. You've been warned!