JavaMappy v2.2.10 - 8 Jul 2009

  • CHG: Updated the JavaMappy licence to the The BSD 3 Clause Licence for CatchemRPG.

JavaMappy v2.2.8 - 10 Mar 2009

  • NEW: Added the long awaited MIDP20Renderer for all your MIDP 2.0 needs!
  • NEW: Added TiledLayerWrapper as a bridge between JavaMappy and MIDP 2.0 APIs.
  • NEW: Added a MIDP 2.0 example in the download.
  • NEW: Added the OBDT and OBFN Chunkloaders to load Map Objects from MapWin32 Pro. Thanks go to Kris Arndt of Mobla Systems.
  • CHG: Finally converted all 11 JavaMappy modules over to Maven2. (And you thought it was just the framework!) Nothing beats total automation!

JavaMappy v2.2.6 - 29 Feb 2008

  • CHG: Replaced the Colour class with 0xAARRGGBB integers to reduce class instantiation on J2ME devices.

JavaMappy v2.2.4 - 12 February 2006

  • NEW: JavaMappy goes isometric! Added full support for Rising Pillar Mode.
  • NEW: Added a new J2ME Renderer for phones with heap fragmentaion problems (e.g. Motorola V-series). Thanks go to Leo Au for bringing this to my attention.
  • NEW: Added a .FMA constructor to the J2SE14Renderer.
  • NEW: Added UNIX shell scripts to the Simple and Swing examples.
  • CHG: Refactored MapLoader so ChunkLoaders can be overridden.

JavaMappy v2.2.2 - 6 December 2005

  • NEW: JavaMappy is now distributed under an Apache like licence. It is still free, but if your phone blows up, it's not our fault!
  • NEW: If your hero / space cadet / goblin is on the move, new rectangle collision detection methods tell you where that wall / floor / ceiling is. (See the Layer class.)
  • NEW: A collision detection method now tells you which corner of the Block you've collided with. (See the Layer class.)
  • NEW: Added getters in the Layer class for layerData, blocks and anim blocks.
  • CHG: Improved performance in the LayerViewer.draw() method by inlining Layer.getBlock().
  • CHG: Refactored the Logging class so it may be more easily removed by optomisers such as ProGuard.
  • CHG: Tweaked the J2ME Dev documentation a little.

JavaMappy v2.2.0 - 22 September 2005

  • A special thank you goes to Marcel Serour for his ideas, support and continued enthusiasm in this JavaMappy release.
  • NEW: JavaMappy is now 'obfuscater' friendly! All class references are hard coded to allow easy class renaming.
  • NEW: Added .FMA and .png constructors for J2ME Renderers.
  • NEW: Added support for block Text Strings.
  • NEW: Added methods to the Viewer class for partial map rendering.
  • CHG: All parameter checks have been moved to a seperate class, allowing 3rd party optomising products to remove all references to it if required.
  • CHG: Replaced the JavaMappy class with a MapLoader class.
  • CHG: Removed the RendererFactory class and the JavaMappy.createMapViewer() methods associated with it as a J2ME optimisation. The RendererFactory was superfluous to use.
  • CHG: Converted all Renderer init methods into constructors.
  • CHG: Updated the JDK11Renderer so that it doesn't need a Component to initialise itself.
  • CHG: JavaMappy binaries, java docs, source and examples are now available as a single download.
  • CHG: Updated the Examples to use the new API.
  • BUG: Updated parameter checking in the Viewer class to check for the correct min and max values.
  • BUG: Fixed the J2ME Nokia Renderer.
  • Warning: This version of JavaMappy is not backwards compatible with previous versions.

JavaMappy v2.1.8 - 5 August 2005

  • NEW: Added setters to Viewer for view dimensions and offsets.
  • NEW: Added "ready to deploy" .jar and .jad files to the J2ME example with a new specific J2ME test map.
  • CHG: Refactored the code in the examples so it is consistant from one to the next.
  • CHG: Enhanced the documentation in the examples and converted it to HTML.
  • BUG: Map loading failed whilst loading anim blocks if the map was not FMP 0.5.
  • BUG: Map loading failed if the map contained an anim block with no frames.

JavaMappy v2.1.6 - 25 May 2005

  • NEW: Added new methods to the Layer class.
  • NEW: Added a Viewer abstract class.
  • NEW: Added new methods to the MapViewer class.
  • NEW: Added new methods to the LayerViewer class.
  • CHG: Updated the Swing demo so the Map is scrolled using cursor keys.
  • BUG: JDK11Renderer now correctly determines if a ColourMap is used.
  • BUG: The JDK11Renderer now creates transparent blocks for non 8-bit graphics.
  • BUG: The J2SE14Renderer now doesn't need a Component object for initialisation.

JavaMappy v2.1.4 - 7 April 2005

  • NEW: Refactored the AnimBlock class and added the rest of the animation sequences.

    Warning: If upgrading from an earlier version, the return value of AnimBlock.getCurrentFrame() has changed.

  • NEW: Added a really simple JavaMappy example to the examples download.
  • NEW: Added a J2ME specific .jar file to the JavaMappy J2ME example. See the bundled readme.txt for details.
  • CHG: Updated the JavaDocs.
  • CHG: Cut down the size of the test map for J2ME use.
  • BUG: Block.setFlag(int) fixed - the flag was not being set.
  • BUG: Fixed the broken links on the website that linked from source code to JavaDocs.

JavaMappy v2.1.2 - 31 March 2005

  • NEW: Added a JavaMappy forum to the webstie.
  • BUG: Block.getCollisionFlag(int) now works. (Thanks goto Antti Malmi for reporting it.)
  • BUG: The J2ME example now displays the map. (Thanks goto Karl Wenzel for reporting it.)
  • CHG: Removed silly hungarian notation from the Applet example.
  • CHG: Removed silly hungarian notation from the J2ME example.

JavaMappy v2.1.0 - 5 February 2005

  • Removed com.alienfactory.javamappy.util.List (and all dependancies on it) in favour of arrays. This should speed things up in J2ME.
  • Added the following methods to the Layer class:
    • getAnimBlock()
    • getBlockIndex()
    • setBlockIndex()
    • isAnimBlock()
    • getWidthInBlocks()
    • getHeightInBlocks()
  • Tweaked the Applet exmaple to make sure it works in IE.
  • Removed all that silly hungarian notation.

JavaMappy v2.0.1 alpha - 20 June 2004

  • The JDK 1.1 renderer now uses java.awt.image.IndexColorModels. Thanks goto Robin Burrows for the suggestion.
  • The entire JavaMappy project (including website, binaries, examples and source) is now built. managed and deployed using Apache Maven. (Man, that was a MaJoR undertaking!)
  • Added package and overview comments to the JavaDocs.

JavaMappy v2.0.0 alpha - 16 December 2003

  • A complete re-write and an utter over haul. I've learnt a whole lotta Java since I wrote v1!
  • Pluggable renderers for J2ME, Applets and JDKs
  • A full on Object Oriented approach
  • Full accessors for Maps and related objects

JavaMappy v1.23 - 6 December 2002 (updated by Robin Burrows)

  • Now works with 15 and 16 bit maps.
  • getBlock() now works with animated blocks.
  • Updated the example to work with Applet parameters.

JavaMappy v1.22 - 12 December 2001

  • The first (ahem) official release of Java Mappy, as seen on the Mappy website.
  • Fully complient with Java v1.1.8 and works with Applets! See demo page for a live example!
  • JavaMappy v1.20 was meant to be the first release, until I was informed that it wasn't actually Java v1.1 complient. Doh!