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Steve Eynon
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Steve Eynon
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Steve Eynon
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Hermann Hillmann
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Bitmap Brothers
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Java MicroMOD Player
MicroMOD by Martin Cameron
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Steve Eynon

Basically I cobbled Gundam together myself and leeched various graphics from the web. Nobody knows I used their graphical talent in my game, but then again, I never told them. Hey, at least I'm being honest about it!

Xenon2000 Logo

The most significant contribution has been from a small game called Xenon 2000 that featured in the UK magazine PC Format. PC Format ran a series of articles by the Bitmap Brothers about creating computer games. These articles culminated in an example (Xenon 2000) of what could be achieved through conventional tools and programming languages. I never actually read, or have even seen, those articles but I quite liked the end result!

Xenon 2000 is (was?) a vertically scrolling shoot'em up. It had a few niggles (mainly crap collision detection) but was fun to play, I mean it kept me amused! So I nabbed most of their graphics and produced a Java / Fantom clone. Only mine is better! For instance, Gundam has:

  • Near pixel perfect collision detection.
  • A plethora of explosions.
  • Giant Mechanoid Space Robots.
  • Err...


I was happy to recently happen upon MicroMOD, the Java music player of my dreams! It plays ".mod" music files from the good ole Amiga! I'd given up hope of finding such a Java add-on! Thankfully someone was talented enough to write one!