JavaMappy is the Java playback library for Mappy, the designer for rectangular, hexagonal, and isometric tile maps. JavaMappy renders multi-layered maps for:

  • Mobile phones
  • J2ME games
  • Applet games
  • and even desktop games!

Note that JavaMappy has been re-written and superceded by FantomMappy!

Cool, what does it do?

Mappy is a map editor used to produce maps from blocks of graphics for use in games. Think about background and level designs in platform games, scrolling shoot'em'ups, mobile phones, etc. These are all produced by applications like Mappy. See the Mappy Website ( for more details.

JavaMappy is then used for drawing your maps on the screen, scrolling it about and accessing its properties. It also provides pluggable renderers for use in J2ME applications, Applets, Java full screen games and more besides.

So how much is it?

Mappy is one of the most powerful and versatile map editors on the market today, and it's free. There's not much point in the editor being free if you can't use the maps you make with it, is there now? So JavaMappy is also FREE!! Oh, and for the techies amongst you, I even hand out the source code!