Gundam v2.1.0 (fantom) - July 2016

  • Chg: Bigger, Bolder, Better (!) standalone webpage. Reminiscent of an arcade cabinet
  • Chg: Removed native Java and JS code, added a dependency on afConcurrent
  • Chg: Recompiled in Fantom 1.0.68 to make use of source maps and new optimisation techniques
  • Chg: Added a Keys screen

Gundam v2.0.4 (fantom) - January 2015

  • Chg: No longer relies on the 'afUtils' pod.
  • Bug: The 'Drone' alien never appeared.

Gundam v2.0.2 (fantom) - August 2012

  • Chg: Images are pre-loaded before the title / game screen
  • Chg: JavaScript version now reports the correct (hardcoded) version.
  • Chg: Pulsar overload log warnings are now limited to 1 every 5 seconds

Gundam v2.0.0 (fantom) - July 2012

  • New: Complety re-coded in Fantom
  • New: Also runs in an Internet browser!

Gundam v1.0.6 beta - 11 August 2005

  • Chg: Gundam updated to use JavaMappy 2.1.8
  • Bug: Fixed the Gundam.bat file

Gundam v1.0.4 beta - 16 May 2005

  • Bug: Gundam should now work on JDK 1.4.2 and JDK 1.5.x.

Gundam v1.0.3 beta - 12 August 2003

  • New: Added a game option to select the colour bit depth of the display. This makes Gundam a hell of a lot faster! Even I'm impressed!
  • New: Used Nullsoft NSIS to make a Gundam self installing executable for Windows.
  • Chg: Replaced the .bat file with a Java launching .exe

Gundam v1.0.2 beta - 2 April 2002

  • New: Updated title tune to "Duran Duran" by Slammer, it has taken me this long to transfer his tunes over from the Amiga.
  • Chg: Updated the start up batch file to work with the official release of Java2 v1.4.

Gundam v1.0.1 beta - 15 January 2002

  • New: Added Java2 v1.4 detection.
  • New: Upgraded the Java Mappy Playback Library to take advantage of Java2 v1.4.
  • New: Added sound to the menu options. My sound classes are not responisve enough for in game effects though... yeah I know, I am working on it!
  • New: Added music to the title screens, thanks to the advent of MicroMod! Need to find a more suitable title (.mod) tune though.
  • Chg: Restructured the code for the Title Screen, Menu, Hi-Score table, etc. It is now more maintanence free and easily extendable.
  • Chg: Tried playing MP3 files but the Java player was too slow and MP3s are too large for general Internet distribution anyway.
  • Chg: Changed the .cmd to a .bat for Win98 compatibility (I hope!).
  • Chg: General code tinker here and there!

Gundam v1.0.0 alpha - 6 December 2001

  • New: Updated the playing level, it is now larger and more complete.
  • New: Added end of level baddy - the Fat Pod!
  • New: Added HiScore table.
  • New: Added option to switch off Map layer 0 (the non-interactive parallax background) to increase speed.
  • New: Version No. is displayed on the titlescreen and in log file.
  • Chg: The options on the main menu now work!
  • Chg: Updated my Mappy Playback Library to be less resource hungry. Maps now load instantly.
  • Chg: Redesigned the keyboard input system to be more reusable and extendable.
  • Bug: The Head Up Display now correctly displays just 1 life.

Gundam v0.0.1 alpha - 26 November 2001

  • Gundam first release.
  • More of a playable "Work In Progress" than anything else.
  • It still hangs together pretty well though!