StrutsGUI v3.3.0 - 22 April 2005

  • NEW: StrutsGUI is now FREE to use and own!
  • CHG: Editing the Web Page URL will also update the Web Page name.
  • CHG: The generated XML now defaults to using the Struts 1.2 doctype.
  • BUG: The reverse engineering wizard now acknowledges the use of "yes" and "no" boolean entities. (Reported by Gian Luca Paloni)
  • BUG: Actions can cleanly de-reference a Form Bean by disabling "Use Form Bean" on the properties page.
  • BUG: Deleting a Form Bean on a page containing Ghost Actions no longer causes an error.

StrutsGUI v3.2.6b - 21 October 2004

  • When deleting a Form Bean, Action or Web Page the warning dialogue now gives you the option to cancel the deletion. i.e. 3 Ghost Action(s) are about to loose their reference to this Action. Do you wish to continue?
  • Fixed another internationalisation bug during Reverse Engineering (Thanks go to Jeppe Cramon for helping out).
  • Fixed bug where the Reverse Engineering Wizard crashed if you had linked to the root directory "/" (Thanks go to Jeppe Cramon for pointing this out).
  • Added stack trace information to error messages generated whilst Reverse Engineering.

StrutsGUI v3.2.6 - 26 September 2004

  • You can now list all the Actions associated with a given Form Bean and jump immediately to any Action shape, wherever it is in the Visio document. Right click on a Form Bean and select "Show Actions...".
  • Your struts-config.xml file is now automatically generated and saved at the same as when your Visio document is saved. This is configurable in the Module Properties.
  • You can now jump straight to an original ghosted shape (Action or Web Page) from any ghost shape. Right click the ghost shape and select "Show Ghosted Shape".
  • You can now list all the ghost shapes for an Action or Web Page and jump immediately to any one, wherever it is in the Visio document. Right click on an Action or Web Page and select "Show Ghost Shape...".
  • Fixed the Reverse Engineering Wizard so that it doesn't throw errors when it tries to reference Actions from external modules. (Thanks go to Terry Riopelle)
  • Added support for the action-mappings 'type' attribute. This is configurable from the 'Defaults' tab in the Module Properties.
  • Added support for the form-beans 'type' attribute. This is configurable from the 'Defaults' tab in the Module Properties.
  • Added support for the global-forwards 'type' attribute. This is configurable from the 'Defaults' tab in the Module Properties.
  • Added a "Delete All" button on all Config property pages and on the Form Bean Dyna properties page.
  • Double clicking the list on Config / Form Bean Dyna property pages now edits the item in question.
  • Tweaked the default position of text on Forwards and Exceptions so they don't obscure the line.
  • Added an option of the Module Properties page to use the Struts v1.2 DTD.
  • Fixed bug whereby if you declined to save your XML due to generated warnings after clicking "Save XML..." an automation error was reported.
  • Keeping the default name for an Exception shape now no longer produces a warning.

StrutsGUI v3.2.5 - 10 October 2003

  • The DTD DocType description for the struts-config.xml is now editable. See the Module Properties dialog box. (Thanks to Nasser Keshmirshekan for the suggestion.)
  • Added a "Registration" section to the HTML Help.

StrutsGUI v3.2.3 - 01 September 2003

  • Ghost Shapes no longer duplicate warnings given by their real counterparts.
  • When a Form Bean is renamed and their associated Action shapes updated, any default Form Bean names (the 'attribute' attributes) are now updated as well.
  • Exception shapes now refresh their properties before generating any XML (as Forward shapes do).
  • Added the "Edit Shape Properties..." menu item to the StrutsGUI main menu. This allows you to edit shape properties even with Macros disabled.
  • References to the Alien-Factory and StrutsGUI websites are now clickable web links.
  • The StrutsGUI installer is now compiled with Nullsoft NSIS.
  • Updated the HTML Help with an "Enhance Your Word Documents" page in the Hints'n'Tips section.

StrutsGUI v3.2.2 - 23 June 2003

  • Now with explicit support for Struts v1.02.
  • Reverse Engineering Wizard now has an extra step giving the choice of generating shapes on either a new Visio page (of default size) or on the current active Visio page.
  • Reverse Engineering Wizard now neatly lines up the rear ends of Global Fowards and Global Exceptions.
  • Warnings of nested Exceptions are now generated from Action shapes.
  • The name of any enclosing Action is now included in the description of Forward and Exception warnings.
  • The dialog box that warns of XML errors when saving Config XML now refers the user to the Config XML Wizard for details. (Thanks go to Nasser Keshmirshekan)
  • Updated Help.

StrutsGUI v3.2.1 - 15 May 2003

  • Added an example workflow diagram: The Struts Mail Reader Demo.
  • Added an example workflow diagram: The Mini Example.
  • Updated Help with Trouble Shooting, Hints'n'Tips and Acknowledgements sections.
  • Fixed bugs #002 and #003 in the Reverse Engineering Wizard.
  • Fixed bugs #004 and #005 affecting Ghost shapes.
  • Fixed bugs #006 in the Generate Config XML Wizard.

StrutsGUI v3.2.0 - 22 April 2003

  • The first full release of StrutsGUI v3.
  • Now contains integrated HTML Help.
  • Developed Registration and Licence Key code.
  • Action and Web Page shapes can now optionally display their descriptions.
  • New About Box now has a 3D starfield background!
  • Lots and lots of minor tweaks (see install for details).

StrutsGUI v3.1.0 - 20 March 2003

  • The first stable, beta release.
  • Fully compliant with Apache Struts v1.1.
  • Full support for all Struts tags and properties.
  • Full integration into the Visio IDE.
  • Multi page diagram support.
  • A new StrutsGUI self installing executable.
  • A revised and enhanced StrutsGUI user interface.
  • A solid and extensible internal framework.
  • Code contained in a separate native .dll.
  • Utilises Microsoft's latest COM Add-in technology.