StrutsGUI is featured and mentioned on several places on the web. A few of them are listed below.

Book Cover

Struts Survival Guide

Srikanth Shenoy and Nithin Mallya (Object Source - 1 February, 2004)

A book that covers Struts Best Practices, Finally... See Chapter 4 for StrutsGUI (This sample chapter is available for download in .pdf format).

Book Cover

Jump the Hurdles of Struts Development

Michael Coen and Amarnath Nanduri (JavaWorld - 18 April, 2003)

Tips for solving common difficulties in Struts. In this article, [we] discuss the issues that face developers using Struts and their approaches to simplifying these problems.

Book Cover

Jakarta Struts: Seven Lessons from the Trenches

Chuck Cavaness (O'Reilly Network - 10 October, 2002)

If you're a Java programmer charged with developing Web applications with servlets and JSPs, you'll find a lot of insight and valuable information in the lessons Chuck had to learn the hard way.