Slammer was the musician of Equinox. He produced a fair few tunes, but sadly only a select few made it to Equoinox's warez. So here is a chance to advertise some of his better music. This list is biased towards the tunes that I liked, and not the ones that Slammer liked. So I expect he'll slate me for not releasing his so called classics, like "E=mc² ", but tough!

The downloads are all zipped up ".mod" files so they can be played on the usual Sonique or WinAmp.

60's Sound - (91.58 kB)
As featured in A Bloody Big Fish. A Cutesy little organ tune.
Back From Da Dead - (101.91 kB)
Originally produced for the Terminator Demo but I felt that this funky little number just didn't quite fit the bill for a spacey vector demo. It uses some sort of siren as the main musical instrument over a funk guitar, brilliant!
Drop Dead - (103.94 kB)
This natty little number is a really early piece. The short tune combined with speech samples and sound effect would make it ideal for an intro.
Duran Duran - (65.25 kB)
As featured in Gundam. Thumping dark melodic trance, I love it!
Equinox Theme - (58.27 kB)
An early epic sounding classic, uses chords from Rozzala's Everybody's Free. I was always gutted that I never produced a demo to match the epic feeling of this song.
Hard to Get - (71.24 kB)
A tuneful tune that almost tells a story! It's always been one of my favourites!
k = [A]²[B] - (93.18 kB)
A slow melodic tune that just gets faster and faster! Great use of tempo rhythms.
Logical! - (164.81 kB)
Break beats, heavy guitar power chords, pan-pipes and Dr Spock speech samples. This song has it all!
Mus2 - (34.86 kB)
A quiet mellow cutesy number.
Punky (Destruction Mix 522) - Slammer-Punky(DestructionMix522).zip (69.74 kB)
Fast paced acid trance. Simply Awesome. (522 'cos it was finsihed at 5:22am!)
Speed Metal - (67.23 kB)
A fantastic little heavy guitar ditto.
Thunder Dance - (87.62 kB)
As featured in The Good Old Days. A subdued rave tune.
Wumping Moshchops - (55.20 kB)
A really laid back mellow funky guitar melody.
Xmas Megamix - (26.84 kB)
This tune made Slammer the butt of a lifetime of ridicule. Not just because of the dull monotonous nature of the song, but because Slammer actually believed it was a masterpiece! Do not download this!