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'A screenshot of the 'AstroDodge' game

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Equinox-AstroDodge.adf.gz (166.19 kB)

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Equinox-AstroDodge_src.adf.gz (207.60 kB)

AstroDodge - the Shoot'em'Up of the Chunky era!

This was previewed in the Chunky Demo and it's now presented here in it's entirety! Complete with a Kick Ass 'In Yer Face' remix by Slammer!

The whole game display is coded on the Copper giving intense and furious action! Can you master the Power Ups and score more than a 1000 points?

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'A screenshot of the 'Nautilus' game

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Equinox-Nautilus.adf.gz (131.51 kB)

Download source:
Equinox-Nautilus_src.adf.gz (309.93 kB)

This was an attempt to make a natty little 2 player action game in the epic mould of "BiP" (for those who remember!) The game is simple, you both zoom around a giant wrap around moonscape blasting bullets at each other.

So what makes "Nautilus" stand out from the crowd? Well first there's the comprehensive options screen to alter the aspects of your ship (speed, inertia, colour, etc...) Then there's the super fast scrolling lunar landscape (yes, it is meant to make you feel dizzy!)

A tip from the creator - if you fly backwards at full speed, you can lay mines!

The game, although complete, was never quite polished. For instance, the backdrop for the options screen still has some unfinished draft lines. And try as I might, I couldn't quite squeeze the title tune into the standard 512K. Hence the title screen stayed silent!

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