You like vectors? You like demos? You'll like Equinox...


'A screenshot of the 'Terminator' demo

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Equinox-Terminator.adf.gz (156.72 kB)

There is no denying it, this is a line vector demo.

"But for Pete's sake, why man? Why?" I hear you cry!

Err, well it's because I hadn't done one and lets face it, it's traditional! At least I tried to spruce it up some. All the graphics were ripped from the Terminator game and I attempted to weave some weak story into the scroll text.

It's all about a Terminator who terrorises the planet by lighting up the sky with dull line vectors. And to cut a long story short (my apologies for spoiling the end sequence), he gets eaten by a giant pacman!

The Good Old Days

'A screenshot of 'The Good Old Days' demo

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Download demo:
Equinox-TheGoodOldDays.adf.gz (124.60 kB)

Download source:
Equinox-TheGoodOldDays_src.adf.gz (237.73 kB)

OK, here it is. Equinox's first attempt at a demo!

Oh come on, it's not that bad! It's got a text writer, vector bobs, line vectors, oily plasma routines and more besides! Actually I think more of it now than I did at the time! I always believed that I tried to stuff too many routines into the one demo. But now I think it all comes together quite nicely!

The title came about due to the nature of the demo routines. They were nothing original and had all been seen in demos released of a couple of years earlier.

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